5 Ways We Work For You:

1. Our representative will do an on site evaluation of your current use of the business phones. This will to help identify which new PBX telephone technologies would allow you to better serve your customers using improved communications.

2. VoIP solutions are more reliable than traditional PBX solutions still being marketed today. With a Hosted PBX your loss of building power or Internet cable service will no longer stop the call from being answered and transferred the employee you need on the job. Our solutions allow VoIP phone sets, smart phones, IPads, PCs, and other devices to be PBX extensions. Anywhere in the world, always answering the call!

3. You get more services for less money. VoIP service solutions are less costly per month than the traditional POTS line from the local phone company or cable provider. With a Return on Investment analysis using your current phone and cable provider costs we can determine the monthly savings you could be getting.

4. Transition to VoIP with on site training. The legacy PBX equipment in use today is either an old Digital system, first, or second generation VoIP system that offered few of the benefits VoIP technology has to offer today. Our technical support group has helped a wide range of customers transition into the newest VoIP technologies.

5. We offer continuing support and system integration of new locations. If you are growing and need to add ethernet or fiber optic cables, wireless access points, or temporary remote phone sites locally or internationally, we have the solutions.