Case Studies

Multiple Location Communication

An Industrial HVAC installer and supplier with two business names at multiple locations used hosted VoIP to streamline their communications. They were currently using legacy keyset phone systems in Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

This Hosted PBX solution allowed for all locations to benefit from features like:
3 digit dialing other locations as stations calls.
Individualized auto attendants for each main business phone number.
Phone set buttons that show which business is being called.
Smart phone apps that can dual ring the desk extension for immediate answering anywhere.
Sharing the Host PBX lines reduced the cost per location and centralized the system management.
No concern for building power or Internet outages. The Hosted PBX System automatically recovers when power and Internet service recovers.

Fund Raising

A local TV station and Major Furniture Store chain requested to set up a call in fund raising event for the Flint water crisis. They wanted to answer phones at two locations, the TV station and in one of the furniture stores.

Using Hosted VoIP we designed a 200-line call queue that routed calls to both locations. Each location had 12 volunteers answering phones, the caller on hold in the queue heard a message thanking them for waiting to give a donation. The fund raising was very successful and exceeded the expectations of the TV station.

The station has since had a hurricane relief fundraiser using the same equipment set up in a different location with the same level of success. This example can be used for any application requiring customers to “wait on hold” for the next available service representative.